Guide to Property Investment in Japan
April 29, 2015

A general rule of thumb in investment, is to diversify. Adventurous investors usually branch into the property investment market. Buying houses in the right markets are popular with international foreigners who are interested in renting and taking place in a thriving culture. Housing prices fluctuate often and are dependent on local factors such as; a city’s economic growth, local consumer spending, and the supply and demand of properties.

The best places to invest in property are international cities, with a high demand for housing, and ever increasing rent. A perfect example is Tokyo, Japan. Over the last year, Japan underwent many economic changes. The central bank embarked on a new multi billion dollar program, which spurred economic growth, and made the country much more attractive to real estate investors. Rent and land prices are steadily increasing which signifies a great time to make investments. The economy is on a steady climb, the largest within the last decade. Currently, property investors in Japan can receive an annual rental yield of around 5%.

However, Japan’s property market is an unusual one in the sense that housing values depreciate over time. New condominiums and houses are often rebuilt after 30 years and it’s important for investors to look at land values rather than the actual home prices when trying to select a property. This particular trait in the property market is another reason why Japan is such an attractive place for property investors. When real estate prices fall, yields rise.

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