Why It Is Difficult For Foreigners To Rent An Apartment In Japan?
September 1, 2018

Finding rented apartments in Japan for foreigners is not a piece of cake. They have to undergo various tiffs and toil in order to finalise one simple accommodation here. There are many hurdles that a foreigner suffers and we are going to discuss the same. Here we have shared a few common yet important problems as to why it is difficult for foreigners to rent an apartment in Japan? Take a look -

• The need of guarantor – If you are a foreigner and willing to get a rented property in Japan then the need of the guarantor will be primary. Mostly, people in Japan prefer for a guarantor who can take the accountability of the rent. This rule is obligatory in most of areas of Japan. In addition to this if any debts have been incurred during the rent tenure, it is the guarantor who is termed as accountable for the same. Good thing is that in Japan some companies provide guarantor services to the tenants. We call them as Guarantor Company. Guarantor company checks your affordability for the rent and credity and decide where they can guarantee for you or not. If they say yes, you sign guarantor agreement with them and pay guarantor fee to the guarantor company. Guarantor fee is 50~100% of one month rental for the first year and around 10,000yen from the second year.

• Language is an issue – “Can you speak in Japanese?” is going to be the first question that you will encounter from the property managing company once you expressed your interest to an apartment. This is a foremost predicament in Japan, and the reasons are many. First of all the owners or the managing companies show less interest to the people who are unable to speak the common language that is Japanese; as the communication will hinder between the two. Next, it becomes really difficult to find apartments here due to linguistic problems. The solution to this problem is to hire an agent who will take the complete conscientiousness with regard to apartments for rent in Tokyo.

• High upfront payments – Finding affordable rented apartments in Japan is really very difficult. Most of the owners charge high payment and deposit amount or the key money from the tenants. So if we calculate the amount of the upfront payment, it will be a total of altogether 6 months’ rent that a foreigner tenant needs to pay and it includes the following –

o First-month rent

o One or two months deposit

o One months Key money

o One month rent money for the agent fee

o Half or One month rent guarantor company fee

o Insurance and Lock changing fee

Aonissin can introduce some low initial cost apartments to foreigners like No Key Money, No Deposit, No Agency Fee apartments. Please feel free to ask us about your budget for initial cost and we will find one for you.

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