What Are Definitions For Layouts For Japanese Apartments?
September 6, 2018

1DK – Here 1DK stands for one bedroom, one dining room and a kitchen. Here there will be no area specified for living space. There will be equal space for dining and kitchen with a floor space of 25sqm–30sqm. The bathroom or toilet might be detached or come with a unit bath. If this layout suits your requirement but small in size, then you can look for 2DK or 1LDK as well. D means Dining. K means Kitchen. The number means number of bedrooms. For example 2DK means two bedrooms plus dining space and kitchen.

1LDK – 1LDK here stands for one bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen along with a separate area for the bathroom. Wherein, the number furthermore goes to the number of bedrooms. The total area of one 1LDK layout is amid 23sqm–45sqm. It is good for small and joint families depending on their budget. L means Living room.

1SDLK – 1SDLK here means one storage, dining, living room and a kitchen.. One can use the storage room as a free room, space or even as a service room. The area of the S rooms is not specified but will be similar to smaller or narrow room. These varieties of layout further come in 2SDLK, 3SDLK, and so on. S means Service room or Storage room.

1R – In the given abbreviation of 1R – R stands for a room. Yes, this kind of layout has only one room. It can also be referred to as studio apartments with a floor space of 13sqm to 20sqm. The layout is designed in a way wherein the kitchen can be found in the room either in the form of a rectangle or curved rectangle. It is a best apposite option for a single person and seriously not an outstanding choice for families.

1K –Here K means Kitchen. In this property, you will get a kitchen along with a room. Most people confuse it with 1R, but there is a difference. In 1R one has to stay, sleep and cook altogether inside one room but when it comes to 1K or K, the kitchen area is separated from the room. The overall measurement of this floor space layout is 13sqm–25sqm and is usually bigger than 1R as well.

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