Tokyo Bay Area - A town to live, especially for families
October 2, 2018

With its futuristic architecture, trending fashions and beautiful landscapes, Tokyo is rich not only in the modern sense, but also renowned for its historic background and conventional upbringing. With an assortment of communities with their own hubs, every area in Tokyo has a unique character of its own.

Tokyo Bay is one of the most popular and major industrial areas in Japan. Located in the southern Kantō region of Japan, it covers the coasts of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture, lying at the heart of the Tokyo & Yokohama Metropolitan area.

Tokyo Bay was one of the oldest centers for the fishing industry, mostly for shellfish and other aquatic creatures. However, in the early 20th century, the industry experienced a downfall with the region’s development and met its end with the advent of the Keihin and Keiyō industrial zones after WW II. Most of the land along the bay’s coastline has been repossessed and is now being used for industrial purposes and port services, under the Keihin Industrial Area.

Living in Tokyo Bay

Compared to the rest of Tokyo, the Bay area runs distinct owing to its urban development that was reworked during the 1990s and has now risen in rank to being an ultra-chick region with its skyscrapers and broad streets. The Tokyo Bay area includes harbors crossing Minato, Shinagawa and Chuo districts and are full of condos, and luxurious apartment towers with captivating views of the Bay. Odaiba is a progressive area on Tokyo Bay and one of the most preferred locales for shopping, seaside entertainment activities and pleasure cruising.

With large and contemporary apartment towers, the area is now a popular residential neighborhood. Some high rise buildings have their on-site super-marts which makes for comfortable living by families and with entertainment centers and shopping arcades in close proximity, there’s an abundance of everything for everyone.

Tokyo Bay has townships that vary in terms of accessibility, the atmosphere and some other essential facilities. Usually, the construction of residential land develops farther from train stations, however, the Tokyo Bay area has been developing inwards, and now the newer properties are being built closer to Central Tokyo and hence are becoming more convenient as well. With the rising populace all of the bay area’s townships are becoming gradually habitable. For instance, Kachidoki was poor in terms of economical facilities over a decade ago, but now it is leading with 3 super markets, a children’s park and has become a common market place for a monthly event, with a hassle-free shopping experience and easy access to manufacturers.

The other towns too have their unique traits and as such have started attracting an increasing number of families and young crowd for living there. Toyusu is now more attractive as the topic of Tsukiji fish market is moved to the building in Tokyosu area. Harumi is another town that has been undergoing developing changes. The Athletes Village for the Tokyo Olympics is slated to be constructed in Harumi and hence it would turn out be quite different from its current look and feel.

Compared to other towns, Ariake may not be that convenient in terms of its transportation services, however, with its shared areas and huge properties, the constructions make for a comfortable stay and reasonable property and rental prices.

Apartments for rent in Tokyo Bay Area

2LDK apartment for rent in tokyo toyosu city towers toyosu

City Towers Toyosu. Address: Koto-ku Tokyosu 3-4-1

310,000yen/month. Two bedrooms. 79.11m2. 38th floor.

3LDK apartment for rent in tokyo harumi The Parkhouse Harumi Towers Tiaro Residence

The Parkhouse Harumi Towers Tiaro Residence. Address: Chuo-ku Harumi 2-3-30

280,000yen/month. Three bedrooms. 71.81m2

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