Shinjuku-With the Busiest Station in the World
October 2, 2018

Tokyo’s skyline is one of its most popular landscapes and then comes the contrasting array of Japan’s short conventional buildings & its towering skyscrapers. And then, in the midst of the city’s center is one of Tokyo’s famous neighborhoods, Shinjuku. Shinjuku means ‘the new lodge’ and is Tokyo’s central ward, that runs the northern half of the world’s busiest railway stations and houses the country’s most significant economic and administrative business centers. It also has one of the largest bus terminals that connect Shinjuku and other cities in Japan, making it an economical mode of travel.

History of Shinjuku

Shinjuku was earlier a resting spot for travelers which developed later after the railway station was completed after the Meiji period. Yodobashi, Ushigome and Yotsuya were united under Shinjuku. Tokyo’s chief water treatment facility, the Yodobashi Water purification plant was built in 1898 to develop the city’s water line. Situation on Shinjuku’s west area, the plant is located on a raised upland. In the new architectural plan, Shinjuku has emerged as the new city center owing to its strong structural strength that withstood the Great Canto Earthquake in 1923.

Life in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is surrounded by shopping malls, arcades, restaurants and entertainment centers that make it not only one of the busiest and major places of interest in Tokyo, but also the hub of the city’s bureaucratic life. For visitors and residents, there’s a lot to do during the day, shopping at some popular stores and shopping malls with both Japanese and International brands and in the evenings, one can look forward to an incredible line up of bright lights and colors making way for several entertainment centers, drinking and dining experiences.

Apartments for rent in Tokyo Shinjuku area

Shinjuku station being a terminus connects Central Tokyo to the outskirts and you can see well-developed super markets and restaurants on the east side of the station, while the area between Shinjuku-Sanchome Station and Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station, has a progressive set of condos coming up. The southern side of the Shinjuku Station sees a new re-developing area of commercial establishments with departmental stores, commercial buildings and hotels in line with walkways.

With its bustling economy and panoramic views, one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Japan is the Tokyo Metropolitan Govt. building on the west side of Shinjuku Station. The main portion of the skyscraper is 243 meters high, designed by Kenzo Tange. A central park in Nishi-Shinjuku and residential buildings provide a captivating view of Shinjuku at night.

A proud and impressive display of high-rise buildings that tower the Tokyo skyline, provide a visual architectural appeal. High rise building have been a recent event in Japan, up until 1963, the highest set limit for buildings was just 31 meters as per Japan’s standard building law. Shinjuku’s skyscrapers are renowned for their impeccable architecture and structural strength. With Japan being prone to natural calamities often, these buildings have been resilient in their design and development.

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