Screening Process For Renting Apartments In Japan
September 7, 2018

Property managers in Japan and the tenant look forward to the safe and simple screening process. This process usually takes a few days or sometimes even like two weeks from the time the apartment was chosen to shifting. Here we have enlisted what all you need to excel the screening process in one go.

• Make sure to make the paperwork advance – As there are many people like you who are looking for apartments on rent so in such case if you are ready with all your documents beforehand the chances of losing the apartment will be less. Along with this, it will hold a reasonable and responsible impression on the landlord. Get started with filling the application and remember applications are served as first come and first served basis. Here are the lists of documents –

o Application form

o Photocopies of identity proofs.

o Eligibility or Visa certificates

oPayslip or employment contract for working personnel.

o Identity card or admission letter for students.

These are the necessary requirements whereas you might be asked for any extra documents if needed.

• Japanese Bank Account Information – If your application has been approved and you have successfully grabbed the rented property then the next requirement will be the need for Japanese bank account information. It is required so that the amount of rent will get directly deducted on the due date..

• Some other Important Documents - For corporate contracts, the below-mentioned documents will be required –

o A registration certificate or company profile

o The documents related to financial statements

oRegistered seal proof

• Guarantor Company – It is the third party that will take the responsibility of the tenant’s rent in case of fail. Here the guarantor company has to act same as any other guarantor that is concerning the documents and legal liability. So the guarantor charge coverage cost along with expenses to cover the loss in case the tenant fails to pay the rent and also to secure the contract between the two parties.

• Stable employment – This is also a part of the screening process as through this the owner can examine whether the tenant will be able to bare the rent or not. Also as per the tenancy laws, the rent and the salary should be in the ratio of 1/3.

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