Rising Commercial World - Shibuya
September 5, 2018

Shibuya, is going to be redeveloped as international business center.

Presently, the station is constructing many buildings that are gaining speed and planned for completion by 2020. Important enterprises like Google are again moving their office in this area. A major redevelopment of the Shibuya Station building is underway, that also includes constructing 230 meter tall skyscraper to be getting finished by 2020. In addition, the platforms of the JR Saikyo Line will move next to the platforms of the JR Yamanote Line. The pedestrian plaza is to be enlarged to make it more pedestrian friendly that will be in good conjunction with the bus and taxi stops. The entire project is planned to get completed in around 2027.

Shibuya is gathered with trend sensitive people. Famous department stores, large commercial facilities, movie theaters, restaurants, sundries shops, cafés, brand shops, etc. are lining up and creating new trends in all sectors such as gourmet, fashion, culture.

Soon the area will be very popular among almost every generation. The places like Dogenzaka Street, Center Gai Street, important for new fashion trends and is the busiest pedestrian zone located in the heart of Shibuya that has good number of decorated stores, boutiques and game centers.

Kamiyama Town and Matsuo, the areas are rich in greenery and quiet. There are plenty of hideout cafes, restaurants and artistic spots, so not only young people but also older people can enjoy relaxed time here.

Sakuragaoka Cho area is with classic atmosphere. Musical instruments shops, live houses, jazz cafes etc. are scattered. This area also has a face as CITY of MUSIC.

Recommended properties in Shibuya

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shop for rent in tokyo shibuya

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