Process for Renting Apartments in Japan
September 1, 2018

Part 1- Searching for an appropriate apartment

  1. Use online search

    Please check on our site for search rental properties and send us inquiries if you find proper ones. We will contact you as soon as possible. This procedure also helps us to understand what kind of apartments are you looking for.

    1. Come to our office to do detailed search using agents’ platform which includes all the available apartment information in Tokyo and in Japan.

Don’t worry about the language, all of our agents are fluent in English.

  1. Go to view the apartments or directly apply for one.

    Part 2 - Going Through With a Deal

    1. Have ID documents ready

While finding a house in Japan, you must keep all your identity documents handy with other documents like bank passbook, etc.

If you are working in Japan, you are better to bring employment contract or in case of students - an student ID. A local emergency contact person is also a necessity. It can be your friend or any colleague who is fluent in Japanese. Please let them know that this is only emergency contact but not a guarantor so they don’t need to worry to take any financial or legal responsibility for you.

  1. Fees details

Since the Japanese market has high fees for moving-in, here are a few places where you will have to pay.

  • Key money to the landlord- 0-1 month rent: non-refundable

  • Security deposit- 1-2 months’ rent

-Guarantor company fee- 0.5-1 month rent

  • Agent fee- 1-month rent

  • Advanced monthly rent

  • We also have many apartments with no key money, no deposit, no agent fee so feel free to ask us about those options.

    1. Sign a tenancy agreement

    All the documents are in Japanese but we will explain the contents in English to you. The initial fees you should have understood already. You also have to check following costs.

-Renewal fee. Usually leases are for two years in Japan but you can renew the lease after two years. Usually renewal fee is one month rent.

-Cleaning fee. When you move out you have to pay cleaning fee and which is deducted from your deposit.

-Penalty for early termination. If you terminate the lease before it expires sometimes there is a penalty charged and usually it is one month rent. Uusually lease is for two years.

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