People-Friendly Town to Live, Meguro

September 5, 2018
cherry blossom in nakameguro tokyo

The enchanting history and eye dazzling development of Meguro town is one of the main reasons as everybody looks at town the next better place to live at one’s own terms.

Meguro: The Historical town with literary meaning “Black eyes.” Meguro, Nakameguro, Jiyugaoka and Gakugeidaigaku in Meguro ward are known as best places to live in Tokyo. Meguro ward has popularity especially in women who are aged thirties and forties.

The town has all major resources as in lights engineering, many commercial head quarters, as well as more than thirteen overseas embassies and consulate. It offers other destination as sightseeing includes Meguro sky station, Perimmon hall, Komaba Park, and blessings of Meguro River.

Along with green spaces there are several religious and cultural institutions for an individual and families to practice their day to day faith beliefs.

It is a land of number of legendary and present notable people.

The city of diner is blessed with that entire weather phenomenon which enthralls its residents and new settlers by its natural beauty. The completeness of town has earned it the title of “A settlement chiefly suburban in nature.”

Places that define Meguro

Meguro River- The famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. Both banks of Meguro river is covered by cherry blossoms in spring season. In addition, along the Meguro River there are many individual shops, and many people enjoy shopping and eating with cherry-blossom viewing.

Ryusenji - Also known as Meguro Fudō is a Tendai Buddhist temple. It is famous as the oldest divine place in the Kanto region.

Komaba Park- This Park was once a site of the agriculture college. The museum of Modern Japanese literature at the basement and accommodation for overseas visitors is main attraction. The park once served as military base to the Great Britain.

Meguro museum of Art-This museum is famous for exhibitions. A ten minute distmace from the Meguro station attracts thousands of visitors. The 1987’s museum is designed by thefamous designer Nihon Sekkei. It showcase ethe collection of a art by the artist like Shikanosuke Oka, Tsuguharu Fijita, Zenjoro Kozima and Kazuo Sakata.

University of Tokyo Komaba campus: The most known university of Japan is famous place among researchers. It is established in the year 1877; it makes it to get crowned as the first imperial university. The university caters variety of courses to the Japamese as well as overseas students. It has given many legendaries to the nation including almost dozens of Nobel laureate.

Corporate offices: Unilever, Amazon Japan, Walt Disney Japanand such others have headquarters at Meguro

Meguro Sky Garden-It is one of the tallest building and a garden that covers the intersection of two major expressways the Shuto expressway and C2.

Komazawa Olympic park- It is the multipurpose/multi-functional park of Meguro. The park has witnessed the World War -2 as summer Olympics of 1940’s were scheduled to be here.

Meguro surely attracts you over other reasons too.

Along with this its sky-scraping eminent housing with redevelopment, its interior shops offering exclusive ideas to your home décor with both modern and traditional touch, The world class cuisine to serve the your taste buds the best, old is gold sells at Meguro cinema as it shows only old movies so though time passed you should not miss the old treasure, as art speaks the history of a nation so does Meguro museum of Art with all modern amenities in its neighborhood, the last but not the least the Meguro’s annual cock fair and Autumn Sanma Festival.

Apartments for rent in Tokyo Meguro

Rent- ¥350,000

Size- 70.97sqm

Year Built- 1999

Transportation- 11min walk to Shirokanedai station.

Rent- ¥70,000

Size- 14.55sqm

Year Built- 1985

Transportation- 4min walk to Shirokanedai station.

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