How do we categorize rental apartments in Japan? Which type is the best for you?
December 12, 2017

Unfurnished Apartments

Majority of apartments in Japan. In Japan usually tenants have own furniture and appliances. The initial move in cost is high but more choices for size, design and location. However, each apartment owners or managing companies have own screening standards and some of them are reluctant to accept foreigners as tenant. Also, usually the screening process will take 1~2 weeks and the whole procedure will take like one month to get move in.

Furnished Apartments

Usually this type of apartments are owned by some leasing companies and they are foreigner friendly. The apartments are furnished with necessary furniture and appliances so you can get move in within 2~3 days. Sometimes there are campaigns so only a little initial move in cost is needed.

Government Apartments

Good point for government apartmens is that the initial cost is only 2~3 months deposit plus first month rent. The deposit is refundable after the tenant moved out. Screening process is also relatively simple. Also foreigner friendly and applicants only need to provide income certificate and residency certificate.

Guest Houses

Easy to move in but usually toilet, bath and kitchen are shared with other people so less privacy.

Serviced Apartments

Easy to move in but monthly rent is extremly high so not good for long term stay.

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