Fees to be Paid for Lease Renewal in Japan

September 12, 2018
calculation for fees needed for lease renewal in japan

It is important to understand all the nitty-gritties while taking an apartment for rent in Japan. These nitty-gritties include the lease renewal also.

Renewal fee- The fee paid by the tenant to extend the leasing agreement, which is usually included in the rental contract in Japan, is known as Lease Renewal Fee. Usually, a person can take an apartment for rent in Japan for two years after which the tenant has to get the lease agreement renewed. It is important to understand that taking a lease renewal fee is a common practice in Japan.

Insurance- Usually insurances are paid each two years so you will also have to renew the insurance.

Guarantor company fee-Usually guarantor company fee is around 10,000yen per year from second year of the lease.

24 Hours Support-If you paid for 24hours support in the beginning when you moved in, you also have to renew for 24 hours support and pay another two years.

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